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It is our desire to serve our community by teaching biblically sound doctrine while also creating a place of worship for our families to come together weekly. In realizing that we and our children were in desperate need of a local place to worship, connect, serve, and study the word together, our vision grew from home group and weekly travel to San Antonio to a desire to build a local church in the community of Boerne.

We have prayed fervently, and our Father God has put this upon our hearts and has opened many doors, revealing His presence and power. He is creating a family of friends to honor and learn about the richness that the scripture offers through Hebrew text. By living out His set apart word through the scriptures, we may draw closer to Him and the understanding of His purpose and plan for our lives. We invite you to join us for our weekly praise and worship, biblical teaching and fellowship. 

Pastor Jeremy
and Ashleigh

Pastor Jeremy and his wife Ashleigh grew up keeping the seventh day sabbath as well as the biblical Holy Days. Their personal journey and spiritual growth have seen them through both corporate church and home fellowship. 

In 2010 Jeremy began a quest to further his knowledge of the scriptures and dove straight into learning to read Biblical Hebrew. He immersed himself and studied with many knowledgeable scholars and soon after began learning to both read and speak Modern Hebrew. He took a nine-month course in Modern Hebrew from the University of Jerusalem. His knowledge and love for the scriptures has grown vastly over the past twelve years. He has a great love for studying the word and God has pressed him in the desire to share this love through biblical teachings.


From 2016 to 2018 Jeremy and Ashleigh attended Baruch HaShem in San Antonio where they were involved in learning more about Messianic culture as well as the richness of Torah services. Later in 2018 through much prayer and conviction asked Rabbi Roy Garcia for a blessing and anointing to open a place of worship closer to home in their town of Boerne. With their support and covering Revive was born. They have since been serving as Pastor and Worship Leader.

The Lord has brought them through many seasons of growth. Their hearts for ministry, the word and the Lord continues to remain.       

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Our Board

As a board, we come together for prayer and to make decisions that best fit the needs of our fellowship.
Our ministry goals are to serve both the body of Messiah,
as well as our local community. 

Jeremy and Ashleigh Holst

Ryan and Kristen Rahel

David and Samantha Knollhoff

Cindy Torio
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